The results Sep 2019

Another fabulous season for results for all you ACCA enthusiasts. I congratulate each one of you who passed the exams. I had an excellent pass rate for all my students this time. An overall 83% in professional level papers was achieved. For those who didn’t go through don’t need to lose hope. With the flexible […]

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Understanding IFRS 15

Let’s say Wholesaler PLC has signed a contract to supply goods to Retailer Plc for $20 mn for the period of one year on 1st October 2019. However Retailer Plc has asked Wholesaler Plc to pay $1m for the purpose of creating more shelf space in their stores. How will Wholesaler Plc recognise revenue for […]

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Being relevant

One more session of exam results. Particularly for me this session saw some wonderful pass rates. 79 percent of my students cleared their exams. This includes F5, SBR and AAA. However with high pass rates the clutter increases and you need to separate yourself from the crowd. The key to this is building relevant experience. […]

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