Practical Experience Requirement

As an ACCA you must complete your practical experience requirement to become a member. This is similar to an articleship with ICAI however there are 2 key differences.

Firstly you must achieve 9 clearly stated objectives during the 36 months of your practical training and these objectives must be appraised/verified by your practical experience supervisor. You must inform your employer about this requirement if the employer is not ACCA approved. The supervisor must agree to verify your objectives. Every time you update your practical experience requirement module, your chosen supervisor gets an email. He will then verify whether you have actually achieved that objective.

You need to achieve both the time frame as well as verification of all objectives to complete this module.

To become an ACCA member you must complete all the papers, the professional ethics module as well as the practical experience requirement.

Hope this helps. Happy to answer any more questions.

2 thoughts on “Practical Experience Requirement

  1. Good initiative.
    I think the ACCA fraternity seems to be in a kind of confused or dazed state of mind when it comes to completion of the PER requirements. The subjectiveness of the whole exercise, based on practical experiences and the necessary linkages needed to get your PER verified seem to be looming large on most of the pass-outs, a fact which was discussed in the Annual dinner at Bombay in December 2018. I think we should create a resource pool or provide sample PERs for students to refer to and adopt it to their requirements.

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  2. So glad that one of the usual suspect replied. I completely agree Anant. Affiliates need guidance on their PER process. The ACCA website has a wonderful explanation on the same as well. However educating employers is the most important thing in my opinion.


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