Performance Objectives

This is linked to my previous article of Practical Experience Requirement. One of the affiliate asked me to throw some more light on the objectives.

You must achieve a total of 9 objectives. Out of which the below 5 objectives are essential.

1. Ethics and Professionalism

2. Stakeholder relationship management

3. Strategy and innovation

4. Governance risk and control

5. Leadership and management

You must also achieve any of the below 4 objectives. These are based on your role with your employer.

Corporate and Business Reporting

6. Record and process transactions and events

7. Prepare external financial reports

8. Analyse and interpret financial reports

Financial management

9. Evaluate investment and financing decisions

10. Manage and control working capital

11. Identify and manage financial risk

Sustainable management accounting

12. Evaluate management accounting systems

13. Plan and control performance

14. Monitor performance

Tax advisory

15. Tax computations and assessments

16. Tax compliance and verification

17. Tax planning and advice

Audit and assurance

18. Prepare for and plan the audit process

19. Collect and evaluate evidence for an audit

20. Review and report on findings of an audit

So, be rest assured that any relevant role will be able to give you practical experience and you can achieve your objectives on the go.

Please reach out if you are having difficulties talking to your employer regarding this.

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