Strategic Business Reporting – A few insights

I have recently taught a lot of qualified CAs who have opted to study ACCA. All of them have the first 9 papers exempt which means that it is assumed that they already have basic knowledge of IFRS. This might not be the case as many of them studied their CA under the old syllabus which was based on Indian GAAP only. This can be quite overwhelming because Strategic Business Reporting is a professional ACCA paper which expects you to display expert understanding of the IFRS standards. Additionally Indian students can display excellent computational skills in terms of reproducing financial statements as well as goodwill calculations. However your examiner expects you to be able to identify the accounting issues in the scenario given in the exam – along with ethical issues. That means your understanding of the standard has to be crystal clear to gain marks. Out of 100 marks, what has been noticed in the last few attempts is that computational skills are being tested only for 10 marks. The rest is all up-to your interpretations land analytical skills. A fully qualified accountant under the old syllabus will find this overwhelming if they do not have the basic IFRS knowledge. A quick revision of the F7 syllabus can help.

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