Strategic Business Leader – The essential skills

The Strategic Business Leader (SBL) exam is probably the most diverse exam in the ACCA syllabus. This is probably one of the differentiation points between other chartered accountancy exams compared with ACCA.

Stategic Business Leader was introduced by ACCA in September 2018 after careful deliberation. The syllabus was built after taking feedback from employers world over. Employers were asked about the skills they desired in their employees. After collating the feedback, the 5 skills which most employers prefer in their employees are as follows:

a) Communication

b) Commercial Acumen

c) Analysis

d) Scepticism

e) Evaluation

SBL awards 20 marks to display the above mentioned skills in the exam.

It is a 4 hour integrated case study exam where you are given a role. As its a role play exam, you are expected to display the leadership skills of that particular role as well.

Most students who have no experience in the real world find this exam difficult as it expects you to write reports, make presentation slides, implement strategy and display employable skills.

I am attaching a presentation I had prepared for a seminar on the key skills required to pass SBL. I will be writing a separate article on other aspects of SBL.

Hope this helps.

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