Performance Objectives

This is linked to my previous article of Practical Experience Requirement. One of the affiliate asked me to throw some more light on the objectives. You must achieve a total of 9 objectives. Out of which the below 5 objectives are essential. 1. Ethics and Professionalism 2. Stakeholder relationship management 3. Strategy and innovation 4. […]

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Understanding Contribution

Contribution represents the portion of sales revenue that is not consumed by variable costs and so contributes to the coverage of fixed costs. Equation 1 C = S – VC Where C = Contribution S = Sales Revenue VC = Variable Costs Equation 2 P = S – VC – FC Where P = Profit […]

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On popular demand I have been told to draw similarities and conclusions. I have read many articles regarding this topic and to tell you the truth, I was hesitant to write this. Now that I’ve decided to write this, will give you my honest opinion on this topic. Firstly I don’t think these two qualifications […]

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Transparent Communication

I have received several emails asking me about ACCA through the contact option. However, I urge everyone to use the comments option. This is a medium for everyone to know and share about ACCA. Please feel free to write about anything that concerns you.

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Practical Experience Requirement

As an ACCA you must complete your practical experience requirement to become a member. This is similar to an articleship with ICAI however there are 2 key differences. Firstly you must achieve 9 clearly stated objectives during the 36 months of your practical training and these objectives must be appraised/verified by your practical experience supervisor. […]

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Employment Opportunities in India

India is a land dominated by ICAI where chartered accountants from the Indian Institute are given preference. However, I have realised in the past few years that the global change in accounting standards and India also moving to International Financial Reporting Standards has opened up the door for ACCA in India. There are several opportunities […]

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The need of the hour

Hello! My name is Nirbhay Vassa and I have been part of the ACCA community since 2007. I have passed all my papers, completed all my PER requirements and am an ACCA member since many years now. I have also been involved in ACCA training for the past few years. I have realised that the […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This is my little effort to contribute to the ACCA community. Please join me in learning and passing information transparently so the ACCA community in India becomes stronger in India and we can resolve everyone’s issues by referring them to the right platform. Good company in a journey makes the way […]

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