Preparing for F6 – Taxation

A student asked me yesterday on how to approach revision before the F6 exam this March. I agree that the syllabus of the F6 exam can be daunting. There are 25 chapter with a lot of key areas. There are a lot of computational techniques, rules, filing dates and reliefs to remember. The key is […]

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Computer Based Exams

For all those who are writing their F5 to F9 exams they must appear for computer based exams. Basically the computations will be done on a spreadsheet and the answers will be written on something similar to a word file. This can be a big culture change for us Indians who are used to writing […]

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Performance Objectives

This is linked to my previous article of Practical Experience Requirement. One of the affiliate asked me to throw some more light on the objectives. You must achieve a total of 9 objectives. Out of which the below 5 objectives are essential. 1. Ethics and Professionalism 2. Stakeholder relationship management 3. Strategy and innovation 4. […]

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Understanding Contribution

Contribution represents the portion of sales revenue that is not consumed by variable costs and so contributes to the coverage of fixed costs. Equation 1 C = S – VC Where C = Contribution S = Sales Revenue VC = Variable Costs Equation 2 P = S – VC – FC Where P = Profit […]

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On popular demand I have been told to draw similarities and conclusions. I have read many articles regarding this topic and to tell you the truth, I was hesitant to write this. Now that I’ve decided to write this, will give you my honest opinion on this topic. Firstly I don’t think these two qualifications […]

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